Human Resources

HR Policies

About Us

  • We produce life-saving healthcare solutions
  • We are adaptable to the future and we enjoy research
  • We believe in shared progress
  • We reject hierarchical approaches; we are humble and accesible
  • We can reach our career goals in Meditera
  • It’s not you, it’s not me, it’s us. We all contribute to our success

Our Values

(WE ARE) HARDWORKING: Every day begins with excitement we meet our deadlines. We work hard and feel proud to overcome difficulties.

NEVER COMPROMISE QUALITY: Our foundational business model is based on High Quality in order to support patient treatment process.

WE ARE CONSTANTLY DEVELOPING: We are aware that we need constant development for progress. Self development is a primary responsibility; we give and receive feedback openly.

WE RESPECT ALL SHAREHOLDERS /WE ARE MODEST: We respect different viewpoints and try hard to ensure equal opportunies for everyone. Every employee is valuable. Thisfair and humble approach includes our suppliers, customers, and our distributors. MÜŞTERİ ÖNCELİĞİMİZDİR; Müşterilerin ihtiyaçları doğrultusunda yüksek kaliteli ve uygun fiyatlı ürün ve hizmetler geliştiririz. Müşterilerimiz için kolayca ulaşılabiliriz. Müşterilerimize içten, açık, dürüst, şeffaf ve kibar davranırız.

CUSTOMERS COME FIRST: We develop high-quality and affordable products and services for our customers’ needs. We are always available for our customers. We treat our customers with honesty, sincerity transparency and kindness

WE LISTEN: We listen carefully, patiently, and are unbiased, in order to understand each other effectively.

WE APPRECIATE SUCCESS TOGETHER: We encourage our teammates to be successful and we appreciate their success together, as a team: One person’s success is everbody’s success. We like to acknowledge each others accomplishments.

WE ARE FAST: We consider priorities and act flexibly and quickly. We use technology to complete our tasks easily and rapidly. We manage time effectively. We know that pace always wins.

WE MANAGE OUR BUSINESS WITH NUMBERS: We define our metrics and we track and analyze our performance on the way to our goals. Our decisions and actions are based on scientific methods and objective data.

WE EXCEL AT TEAMWORK: We act as a team in order to reach our goals. We care about collaboration.

WE FOLLOW UP ON TASKS AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY: We follow up on our tasks and results. We take responsibility for our duties. We are proud about our success, learn from our mistakes, and support each other in order to correct them.

WE ARE INNOVATIVE: We know change is inevitable; therefore, we renew ourselves constantly. We create solutions for improving patient comfort and making the lives of health sector personnel easier.

WE EXPLORE: In order to constantly improve our business, we search for better and alternative ways.

WE ARE RESULT ORIENTED: We work towards our goals. We keep our main goal in mind during the process and we don’t give up until we get the desires results.

WE MANAGE BY PROJECTS: We plan before we put things into practice. We create our roadmap and then we follow it in line with our goals.

WE ARE COST ORIENTED : To provide our employees better opportunities and fairly priced products to our customers, we work towards cost-effective efficiency. For sustainability, we avoid unnecessary costs.

(Selection) and Recruitment

We invite you to follow the career opportunities at Meditera Group from and apply. We recruit our team members with competency-based interviews.

New team members will participate in our onboarding program, “Medonboard” . They will also join a mentorship program and complete a planned development process. With their appointed support team and work buddy, we aim to make their induction process smooth and effective.

Training and Development

We design our employees’ development programs by analyzing their personal and business unit based needs.

In order to sustain success, we plan to promote our high potentialemployees to management roles in line with our HR policies.

We support our employees’ career plans by using performance improvement tools within the scope of equal opportunity principles.

Job Applications